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 Michael Rien 












Michael started playing piano at age six, drum set at age ten and composing at age 12.


Having a strong passion for music and the yearning to learn more, Michael continued his studies and went on to get a Bachelor's Degree of Music at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. As well, Michael recently studied Songwriting online at Berklee, receiving a high grade and Coursera Course Certificate.


​​Along with composing Michael has a deep love of performing, having played and recorded with many bands over the years both as a drummer and pianist/keyboardist in a variety of genres including rock, pop, R&B, reggae, jazz, Latin, trance, techno and drum n' bass.


Want to know more? Visit: www.michaelrien.com





 Raphael Rosenwald 













Raphael, a Bachelor's graduate of music at Concordia, has been at the controls at several recording studios since the tape era, serving as producer and engineer.


As a musician, Raphael has been seen onstage most often as "The Ninja" guitarist with Tony Ezzy and The Masters Of The Universe, on his own playing live electronica as Freeqwave, and playing drums, bass and keyboards at many shows from the Fringe festival to the Osheaga festival.


With a knowledge of music inside and out, he is known to trim away all that is unnecessary and build on the essentials, whatever the project at hand.

Primal Urge Productions - Music Production and Arrangement Studio. 

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